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East Texas Country Artist Cody Wayne

Cody Wayne: Going Straight To The Top



Cody Wayne and his bands takes home three awards:

Entertainer Of The Year, Male Vocalist Of The Year and Vocal Group Of The Year


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​Tamra McClendon
Cody Wayne



Henderson, Texas - August, 22 2017 - Cody Wayne wins the 2017 Entertainer Of The Year and Contributor Of The Year award Sunday during the Big Star 97 Music Awards. 

Radio personality Candice Renee Wagner. Candice explained the Contributor Of The Year Award is giving to someone special. We pick a artist/band that steps up every time we have a benefit and volunteers to play either full band or acoustic. This person will drive out of there way and drive 100's if miles to donate there time. Fan based votes rewarded Cody Wayne with Entertainer Of The Year. It’s not every performer who can keep the crowd on their feet for a solid show, but then again, Cody Wayne isn’t like any other performer. The message is clear: Cody Wayne will make a name for himself in the County Music scene. Wayne’s record-setting year continues with another sparkling highlight for Wayne causes a revolution by winning two awards at "THE BIG STAR 97 AWARDS”. Wayne's acceptance speech started with "People, tonight this is what it's all about. It could not have ended better for me. We are so lucky to be part of this thing called country music! "It's what I love, it's what I do, it's what I live for, so thank you for loving it too." Wayne quoted his hero, Little Jimmy Dickens: "'If you see a turtle on a fence post, it had help getting there.' I feel just like a turtle on a fence post right now. 

Thank you so much to my bandmates Billy Rasnake, Brandon Pinkerton, Trent Procell, Justin Smith and my Manger/Wife Tamra McClendon. Wayne summed up while accepting his Awards. "This year has been unbelievable, and I can't imagine doing this with anyone other than my bandmates and wife/manager” The Big Star 97 Awards is a production of the Big Star 97 & The Bull 103. Philip Cordner is the Executive Producer, Candice Renee Wagner , Robin Kidd Corder, Rock Johnson, Kat Garza and Julian Chi is the team of Big Star 97 Awards.

Cody Wayne is a country artist out of the East Texas area. Wayne has released numerous singles to country airwaves. Following the ascension of his most recent single, "Fly High" To # 24 on the country charts “Fly High” remained on the top 50 for six months, Cody Wayne has selected “Addicted" as his next single. The latest single by Wayne "Addicted" finds Wayne telling a story about A small town love.

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"For more information, contact
Tamra Wayne McClendon
1140 Country Road 307 D
Henderson, Tx.  75654
manager@codywayne.com   Tel: (903) 6465852

June 29, 2017 HENDERSON, TEXAS

CODY WAYNE LOCAL EAST TEXAS COUNTRY ARTIST GARNERED NODS FOR FOUR nominations for the upcoming Texas Country Music Association Awards 2017. Cody garnered nods as
Cody’s very own Billy Rasnake has taken the honored of being nominated as Drummer of the year.

CODY WAYNE began this morning with the news of FOUR nominations for the upcoming Texas Country Music Association Awards 2017. Cody garnered nods as Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist, Country Group of the year, single of the year Fly High. Cody’s very own Billy Rasnake has taken the honored of being nominated as Drummer of the year.
A full-blown country-red dirt-high energy concert.  These musicians raise the bar high and bring a party with every song. They're wildly talented, energetic and thrive on entertaining crowds of all ages.
That's how fans describe a night with Cody Wayne.
Wayne’s latest single Fly High, by far his best yet, builds on the success of his previous releases and proves that his rich musical mine has only begun to be tapped. Fly High has remained on the Top 50 Country Charts for 6 months as of this week.

As with his new single to debut in August Addicted, Cody is determined to give the fans at his shows the most for their hard-earned money. “My main thing is to keep upping the ante and upping the sound and staying creative,” Cody says adamantly. “I don’t want to give the fans the same thing show after show. I want to give them something they’ll come back to for years and years to come.”

For all he has achieved—and it’s plenty—Cody remains steadfast in what’s important to him: family. “I can’t be happier in life than when I’ve got my family with me and I get to go out and do shows for a living,” says Cody.  “The only negative about this is business is being away from your family, so when they’re out on the road with me, the negatives are removed and it’s nothing but positives.”

As important as these award is, Cody says his life is filled with humbled moments. “Every night that I’m performing it is a pinch me moment,” he says humbly. “When a fan comes up to me because they recognized me is a pinch me moment. I tend to have a lot of humble moments. There’s a lot of amazing stuff coming my way and I try to remember it and appreciate it.”

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the  2017 Texas Country Music Association Awards Show September 28th@ 5:30pm  http://www.texascountrymusicassociation.org/